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Chocolate Bread Pudding

After trying Chris’s Chocolate Bread Pudding yesterday, I’ve made an impromptu decision to give it a try in making it.

Also because the thick cream that I bought sometime back is expiring soon :p

Today’s bake wasn’t made to precision in the sense that I did not do any measurement of ingredients or followed any recipe. Simply adding ingredients that I think would go well together.

So here’s the steps involved:
1) Cut 5 slices of bread into pieces and randomly arranged it into the baking tray of 18×8.8x6cm rectangular cake mould.
2) Melt approx 100g hershey semi-sweet chocolate chips with thick cream and a little butter in a saucer pan.
3) Beat 2 eggs, 1 tsp of cinnamon powder and 1 tsp of vanilla essence into the chocolate mixture.
4) Pour the mixture into the cake mould.
5) Bake 25 minutes in preheated oven (175 degree celcius).
6) Served it warm and with Ice Cream (if you like the combination)

1) How do you know if it is ready? Use a fork to press the top of the bread pudding and if the bread sprang back, it is then ready to be served.
2) Based on online recipes, milk was used instead of cream.
3) I would think another variation can be tried out: Using coconut milk in lieu of milk with chocolate.
4) No additional sugar to be added since chocolate used and the bread itself were already sweet in nature.
5) Will be good if you leave the cake mould in the fridge to let the mixture sit for an hour or so before baking it.
6) Effect of using plain bread is better than multi grain bread. I used a mixture of multi grain and plain bread and the latter tasted much better.


Lazy Sunday

My lazy sunday.

Forced myself out of the bed at 7am to go marketing with mum. Took the opportunity to download 我为歌狂 (第二系列中决赛) before going out with mum.

Was quite tired so I’m like a zombie walking around the dry and wet markets. Usually I’ll be looking around at prices of the vegetables but not today. Tho I still managed to notice that the price of lemon from prime market has increased.

Told mum that her fridge is quite fully packed so warned her not to buy groceries that are not necessary. Also got mum to buy spring roll skin for me to make kimchi spring roll with the freshly made kimchi by her chef colleague. Dad don’t like the smell of kimchi coming out from the fridge so must think of idea to finish them up.

Pan-fried Kimchi Spring Roll by yours truly. 🙂 Even bro who don’t like kimchi loves eating it! An achievement for me. LOL! *To save using too much oil, I chose to pan fry the spring roll instead of deep frying it.

What’s for breakfast? 发糕 that was in the fridge since Tuesday. Clearing left overs seems to be my role in the house and this unevitably made me fat. Happily fat! Weekends are always my feasting days. That is why my weight fluctuates; shoot up through the weekends and drop slightly through the weekdays (with exercising) and the cycle continues.

What’s for lunch? The 发糕, kimchi spring roll, radish, steamed fish and sting ray. I was so bored that I sat down in the kitchen, removing all the bones from the fish, and leaving behind the meat for my loveables.

And here I am, lazing around and doing nothing (wasting time).


Blogging in this position! 无忧无虑的日子即将过去。小倩得开始做好准备, 迎接疯狂的八月。

What’s next?? Time for tea break, maybe? Haha!

Happy 49th S’pore

Attended the 49th National Day Dinner celebration at Hong Kah North CC. The show had already started when we reached but food was yet to be served. So first thing to do will be “selfie” time!


A nice lady offered to help us take a photo and she commented that she has become our official photographer. (She helped us take lots of picture at robin’s house during CNY)


First dish; The appetiser. Presenting to you, 3 of the appetisers on the plate. Served onto my plate by my dearest.

No more photo of food except for…
Celebrating 49th National Day with Hong Kah North CC and all tables are given 1 box of cake for our cutting cake ceremony.
There were also fund raising going on and this SG50 Bands were sold for $2/each. And we bought it!

And lastly, Happy Birthday Singapore, We love u!

Fulfilling July 2014

It’s been a long while since I last did a summary of my month. There is so much happenings in the month of July that I had the urge to do a conclusion.

I spent approximately 1.5 Weeks of my July in Australia, Melbourne with Dear Girl.

There are time where I was alone; a night in Discovery Melbourne, walking around the City of Melbourne and a day tour to Great Ocean Road with Gray Line. Most of the time were spent with Dear Girl. She brought me around the city, taking photos at scenic places, also drove me outside city to the more rural areas. We embarked on a “road trip”, driving towards Falls Creek and spent 4D3N at Koki Alpine Resort where we took up Skiing and Snowboarding Lessons.

Throughout the trip; we eat and we packed food, we do grocery shopping and we cooked. Endless chatting & laughters here and there. How can BFFs get together and not talk right?!

Today is a bad day. A bad day.

First thing in the morning, I broke my mirror even before crawling out of my bed. Couldn’t vacuum the floor because it is freaking 615am! Too early to create unpleasant noise to disturb the family and neighbors.

It went on to my journey to work. Am so stoned and tired that I almost missed my stop? Did I? Or am I too stoned to know what’s happening around me.

And then I realised I wore a watch that isn’t working *_*

Had my breakfast but couldn’t do my morning business.

And one by one, people start chasing me for things…

Didn’t know why am I so tired that I managed to nap for 15mins during lunch hours. (Now I know the reason)

Was informed by manager that my technical officer showed her interest in being an exec. I knew the day will arrive soon. Hopefully we will be able to get more technical officers, if not, my brain will be too fried! (Mel’s term)

Reached home and was faced with stacks of dishes in the sink. Leaving it for someone who isn’t eating to wash them?! So I spent the next hour, washing dishes, clearing and keeping away food, cutting fruits, scrapping cooker, pot, pan and wok, preparing my meals for tomorrow, boil water to prepare hot water for the family, clear the bins etc etc…

Before I can finally use the toilet.

Then I was faced with a communication breakdown issue. All because I have not been a very sensitive and thinker communication bridge thus, causing unhappiness. Hais! Expectations and assumptions not communicated to me, resulting in me drowning in deep shit. Tied in the middle, who will be understanding with heart as wide as the ocean to be in my shoes? Forgive my blunder and allow things to be easier for me?

I have been very down recently, and all these! Brain totally fried to the max.

Can I scream?????


Say Goodbye…


Woke up before the alarm AGAIN, and so I decided not to sleep any longer. Washed up and made breakfast for Sis before waking her up to have her breakfast.

Did house chores for mum before joining her at the wake. Asked sis if we need to bring tissue in case we cry. She said we won’t and so we didn’t bring a single sheet of tissue.

Hang around the area, waiting for the rituals to start after much setting up (or rather tearing off stuff)…

I think the actual procession starts approximately 2 hours before. Hanging in there well until approximately an hour before, the tears start flowing out uncontrollably. The more I resist, the more painful it is for the heart. Side track: Aunt burnt my arm and my flesh was tornnnnnn 😥

Yes, I teared uncontrollably. Like a tap, it starts and flow and then it stops and dried up and then the cycle continues. When I see the brothers kneeling down to thank their uncles, and my mummy kneeling down in front of aunt, and then when we were asked to see aunt the very last time, on and off until they shouted “盖棺”

Bare footed as we walked a stretch of journey to the Mandai Crematorium and Columbarium. Rituals continue at the Crematorium before we walked into the Viewing Gallery. That’s it! Another break down point.

During this period, only dearest girl have been really accompanying me through the difficult period. From the consolation given, counseling, always trying her best to cheer me up even though she received no reaction or responses from the emo me. Understand one sided work will make her feel unappreciated. So sorry.

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